Creating Vision Boards

Dedicate yourself to the good you deserve and desire for yourself. Give yourself peace of mind. You deserve to be happy. You deserve delight ~ Mark Victor Hansen

The best way to maintain focus on your goals and aspirations is to create a visual reminder. Vision boards have become very popular in recent times, thanks to ‘The Secret’ and other great resources that have brought the world of personal development to the forefront of the media. It is important to have a clear vision to align with your purpose and your goals, so you can monitor your success. A vision board is a simple way of highlighting the most important elements for you. Make sure you display your vision board in a prominent place, so you can be reminded of your dreams every day. This is especially important when you meet obstacles and challenges on your path, to keep you motivated and remind you of the rewards if you persevere.

There are many different styles of vision boards, and you can search the internet to see other examples. The most important aspects are to focus on what you want to create for yourself in each area of your life. This can be done using pictures, images, photographs and words. Each vision board should be unique to the individual, to reflect their desires and personal creative style. It is helpful to have a clear idea of your goals, or at least your vision before you start collecting images and phrases. If you are unclear on what you want in some areas of your life, then searching for pictures may help provide you some guidance and inspiration. For more ideas on getting clear on your vision, see my other articles.

The traditional type of vision board is a collage of pictures and words on a large piece of cardboard. A3 is usually the best size to use, so you can clearly see each element, and the board as a whole. Start by looking through magazines or photographs for pictures, words and phrases that represent your goals and dreams. Dare to dream big, don’t sell yourself short, as you’ll be amazed what is possible with focus and determination. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, you can also use the internet to print off pictures, or draw your own. Don’t worry about how many you have, just try to build a large range to begin with, to cover each area of your life. I like to sort my pictures into categories such as health, relationships, finance, career, physical environment, personal development, friends & family and recreation. Make a big pile of the words and images you have for each area. I also usually use a checklist of my overall goals to make sure they all have representation. Once you have collected enough, arrange them on the cardboard (without gluing) until you are happy with the result. They can be arranged in any number of ways, including overlapping, columns, circles, layering, random, mapping, or any combination of these. Again, use a method that is aesthetically pleasing to you, since you’ll be looking at your artwork every day. Be as creative as possible, the energy you put in will be reflected in the final product.

Alternatively, you can design a vision board on the computer, using a series of digital images and words. Again you can find these online, use your own personal photographs, or use design programs such as paint, wordart and clipart. I have used this method myself this year, as I am travelling a lot and don’t have one single location where I can place my vision board, and it would be difficult to transport around. When you are finished, you can print it out for the home or office, or set it as a background or screensaver on your computer, phone or tablet device. This way, my vision board is the first thing I look at every day, before I begin work. You can see my example at the bottom of this article.

Another option is to create a vision journal. You can use a small exercise book or a large sketch book. This helps with the portability of your vision, but don’t forget to take it out and look at it every day. The possibilities are endless with this style of vision board. You may like to create a different montage for each area of your life, or update your board every month or quarter, as your goals and dreams change, or you make progress towards achieving them. You can also create boards for both the home and office, or a mini version to carry in your wallet. You are limited only by your imagination.

I trust this article has been valuable to you, and would love to see/read about your own achievements with this exercise. If you have any questions/feedback for me, please comment at the bottom of this post.

I’m sure this will help make 2012 your best year yet!

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